Bot Shots Barricade Toy Review

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Bot Shots

General Information:
Release Date: January 2012
fPrice Point: $5.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


BarricadeBot Shots are a new expression of the Transformers brand that focuses on interactive game play between figures. Previous attempts at this such as "Attacktix" had relied on missile firing mechanisms and point systems as the primary elements of the gaming system. Bot Shots are much more action oriented and factor the transformation of the toy into the play pattern (which Attacktix did not).

In general, all Bot Shots figures have a vehicle mode and robot mode. The transformation is triggered by "bashing" the front of the vehicle into another Bash Bot (or a wall, book...any solid surface really) causing a spring loaded feature to activate and transform the figure. This generally means revealing the robot head, arms angled out to the sides and feet along with robot mode details.

The key to the game system is a three sided hinged mechanism built into the chest. On each side is a sticker with one of three icons: a fist, a sword and a blaster - each representing a different type of combat. Presumably without your opponent seeing your selection, you turn the panel on the chest and then crash the two Bot Shots together and when the robot mode is revealed each player will know what "weapon" the other chose. The way the game works:

  • Blaster beats fist
  • Fist beats sword
  • Sword beats blaster

In the case of two Bot Shots getting the same icon each icon has a number on it indicating that character's level of that skill. Whoever has the higher number wins. It's a simple and fun system clearly developed for kids who enjoy a game element to their action figures (such as lines like Bakugan).

Robot Mode:
In recent years the line between the live action movie Transformers and the other Transformers continuities has been blurred here and there by the introduction of characters originally form the movies into other lines. One of these characters is Barricade, the Decepticon who pursued Sam Witwicky relentlessly in the first film. Now he's entered the Bot Shots arena as one of the first Decepticons in the line.

Barricade is heavily based on his movie appearance, with most of the alterted details made to give him a more "cutesy" appearance. Details carried over from his movie appearance include:

  • The head design has a helmet portion heavily based on the Decepticon symbol, including spikes that curve up to the top of the figure and diamond shaped crest.
  • The chest design is based on the front end of the vehicle, complete with a slightly warped piece of metal on the top of the chest, simulating the "twisted metal" designs on many of the movie Transformers.
  • Some of the smaller design aspects on the arms and legs look like twisted and angled armor panels over machinery, similar to the movie version of the character.

I did mention the word "cutesy" before and really there's no other way to describe the squat and condensed proportions of this figure. His head is huge while his body is relatively small. He has little feet connected to small legs and his arms hang out to the side as if he were trying to look tough (but looking funny instead). On top of all that, Barricade's face is a much more traditional, smooth Transformers face with two eyes, a nose and mouth (set to a slight grimmace). He does not have any of the extra detailing on his face seen on the movie model, nor does he have the scary looking teeth that were found on Movie Barricade. Interestingly enough however,

Barricade is cast in black plastic. His paint colors are red, white and silver. The red is used to paint his eyes while the silver can be found on his face and legs. The white is used for the sides of his arms. These colors are of course based on Barricade's police car alt form, so we'll see more of it in his vehicle mode.

There is no articulation to really discuss and Bot Shots don't come with any accessories. The main fun in this figure is in the "crashing" play pattern and seeing how many of your friends you can defeat! For those curious, Barricade's scores break down as follows:

  • Blaster: 400
  • Fist: 390
  • Sword: 840

    Based on these numbers it seems like Barricade is more of a brawler than a 'con who would prefer a fire fight. This fits with his first appearance in the film where he gets int oa knock down, drag out fist fight with Bumblebee!

    Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  • Swing the car hood on the back over the robot head, this will also cause the arms to swing in.
  • Swing the robot feet up against the underside of the car.

    Vehicle Mode:
    In the Transformers films, Barricade transforms into a police car based on the Ford Mustang. Here his vehicle mode is based on that muscle car, but it's not a faithful reproduction (allowing Hasbro to avoid potential licensing issues). Instead, it uses the Mustang as a base and then modifies some aspects of it to be an original vehicle. The front end for instance has the wide and aggressive shape of the Mustang, the but the grille and headlight designs are unique to this car. Mounted on the back is a high spoiler not found on Movie Barricade and the back section has horizontal lights in rectangular strips instead of the Mustang's trademark vertical lights. On the top of the vehicle's roof is a light bar, solidifying this guy's connection to his big screen namesake.

    This mode is mostly black, with white painted on the doors and the light bar painted with red and blue. It's a fairly simple paint deco but it looks good and gets the point across as to who this character is. Still, I would have liked something else added on, perhaps Decepticon symbols on the doors or something. The doors just look a bit plain to me.

    Final Thoughts:
    I like the overall idea of a "cute" version of Barricade, and the robot mode has some really nice sculpting. He also has a pretty high "Sword" power level. However, the vehicle mode strikes me as a bit plain. It's not the perfect figure, but it's a good one and worth joining the battle against the Autobots! Remember, this rating is just within the "Bot Shots" line and is not meant to be compared to figures from the "Generations" or "Dark of the Moon" toy line. Recommended with minor reservations.