"Transformers BotBots" Waddlepop Toy Review

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Transformers: BotBots

General Information:
Release Date: November 2018
Price Point: $9.99 (depending on retailer, packaged with four other BotBots figures)
Retailer: General (Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None

The initial launch of Transformers: BotBots featured a total of 61 individual figures. They were released in both multi-packs and individual blind bags. Waddlepop was available in three different packs: The "Sugar Shocks" Pack #2, "Toilet Troop" #2 and "Greaser Gang" #2. This specific one in this review was from the Toilet Troop #2 pack.

Waddlepop is an ice cream bar given life (and a pseudo robot/beast form) by Energon. Her name is a simple reference to two aspects of the character. The "waddle" refers to the term used for a group of penguins on land (and the way they walk). The "pop" refers to his "ice cream pop" form. She is perhaps one of the cutest of the bunch and I have already heard some rumblings of fans who want to troop build this figure to have an army of penguin-bots!

Taking a cue from brands like Shopkins and The Grossery Gang, the packaging for the Transformers: BotBots features bright colors and a whimsical "BotBots" logo (with the "Transformers" logo de-emphasized above it). The Waddlepop reviewed here was packaged in a "Toilet Troop" pack which included Stinkeye Stapleton, Sudsbeard, King Toots and Shredder Jack. Cute artwork for the characters is is found on both the card and on the insert. Each package includes a red plastic bubble that hides the "blind packed" figure in each set. In this set Stinkeye Stapleton is the "blind packaged" figure (and part of the "Lost Bots" tribe).

Waddlepop was also available in a "Sugar Shocks" 5-pack with Nail Byter, The Plop Father, Slappyhappy, and Burgertron. On top of that, Waddlepop was also a part of a "Greaser Gang" 8-Pack which included Fit Ness Monster, Major Lee Screwge, Point Dexter, Poo Sham, Shredder Jack, S'up Dawg, and Game Over.

The back of the packaging features the Toilet Troop's group artwork. Of course, since Waddlepop is technically part of the "Sugar Shocks", he does not appear in the illustration. The back also has a section you peel off before opening up the bubble to reveal the blind figure. There is a ton of legal information that fills up the card, so instructions and brief bios are printed on a full color set of instructions in the packaging. The other side of the instructions reveals a giant group scene of the BotBots inside an Autobot symbol shaped mall (presumably the one where they came to life). It also serves as a checklist, with check boxes next to each character (61 in total).

Ice Cream Pop Mode
Waddlepop's ice cream pop mode has two main sections: the "ice cream" section and the handle. The ice cream section looks like a curved, rectangular bar, a typical shape for the tasty treat. The "handle" is really the two robot mode feet pushed together. You can see some robot mode detail sticking out in the back, but from the front it absolutely looks like a tasty frozen treat in toy form!

This figure is cast in a dark brown plastic to simulate the color of chocolate. White and orange paint is used to provide additional detailing. In a clever use of the white color, it is applied with a curved pattern so it looks like the chocolate is drizzled or melting over a layer of white ice cream. The handle section is painted orange, a color that is more suited towards the robot mode's feet, but I'll take it!

Transformation to Robot Mode

  1. Swing the top of the pop back to reveal the robot head.
  2. Split the handle into the two feet and swing them out.
  3. Swing out the arms.

Robot Mode:
Before writing this review, I debated whether or not to call this a beast mode or robot mode, but ultimately I went with "robot" because of the design of the arms which have fists at the end instead of the flipper like wings that real life penguins have, but honestly either description is valid in my book. Especially if you consider Waddlepop has some very "beast-like" details including a beak and "tail feathers"!

Waddlepop is easily one of the most adorable Transformers released in the last few years. Her head has a round shape with big, oval eyes and a cute little beak. Her body is wide and her hands and feet are small. The end result is a character who looks like she could have come from Sanrio's Hello Kitty brand. While much of the robot mode looks almost organic, there are some small touches that clearly place it in the realm of being a mechanical being including vents on the back of the head, armor detailing on the arms and armor segments in between the feet. The designers struck a nice balance between the two, resulting in a techno-organic looking figure.

The newly revealed colors in this mode are on the head, where the face is painted white, the eyes are blue and orange fills in additional details. One design in particular is rather clever. In the ice cream pop mode, the white and brown work together to look like chocolate melting over ice cream. In this mode however the white looks like the white patch on a penguin's belly! This is a really great touch.

Final Thoughts:
Waddlepop is one of the most adorable BotBots with a super unusual alt-mode. If you are into the "BotBots" concept at all, this is a must have.