"Transformers BotBots" Sumthin' Fishy Toy Review

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Transformers: BotBots

General Information:
Release Date: July 17, 2019
Price Point: $34.99
Retailer: San Diego Comic-Con 2019 Exclusive
Accessories: Optimus Prime mask (for Coffeemus Prime)

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Transformers: BotBots Con Crew 10-Pack – Comic-Con-Themed Pack
(Ages 5 and Up/ Approx. Retail Price: $34.99/ Available: 07/18/2019)
Imagine if BOTBOTS took over the halls of Comic-Con! BOTBOTS are mischievous, funny and super silly little TRANSFORMERS robots who came to life after a glowing mist of Energon fell down from the sky and turned everyday objects at Comic-Con to life! This fun convention pack includes ten exciting Comic-Con themed figures known as the CON CREW, a team of Comic-Con experts who are ready to take on the Con!

Within the CON CREW are 3 specialty teams: the celebrity-obsessed MEET N’ GREETS, experts in photo ops and autographs, the energizing FANTASTIC FUELERS, experts in powering through the Con, and the LINE LEAGUE, experts in surviving the many long Comic-Con lines. 3 of the 10 included TRANSFORMERS BOTBOTS figures are also all dressed up in cool cosplay! Ordinary objects like a marker, a to-go coffee cup and a hand-held game become a kaiju, OPTIMUS PRIME, and a super hero! What sort of mischief will these little bots get into at Comic-Con?

The Line League characters are CAPTAIN CARTRIDGE the superhero handheld game, VIGITENTE the tent and CON-PACKTOR the backpack. Fantastic Fuelers include COFEEMUS PRIME the coffee cup dressed as Optimus Prime, CAB O’NATE the energy drink, HAL A. PENO the spicy chips, and SUMTHIN’ FISHY the fish taco. The Meet N’ Greets characters are SCRIBZILLA the marker, BOTARAZZI the camera, and INKY INKERSON the graphic novel. Available exclusively at San Diego Comic-Con International.

The Con Crew comes in a really beautifully made box. The box is thin and rectangular but choc full of details. The front has a big BotBots logo with the "Con Crew" logo under it. The background is the same blue found on the mass release products, but on top are several pieces of artwork that look like screen captures of Instagram posts. The user names are refer to other BotBots including "nr_geez" and "leader_of_the_jam_packed". The photos are really cute and silly including Vigitente having a "Snapchat" style filter over her face making her into a bunny rabbit! Oddly, the sides of the box feature individual artwork of BotBots not in this boxed set but instead they all appear to be from Series 1 and 2.

The back of the box shows off the Con Crew attending a convention, mostly centered around a cosplay contest (and of course getting into all sorts of shenanigans). Flip open the box and the top flap has "panel descriptions" for several of the team members but the layout looks like a convention schedule down to having times assigned to them! The lower part has the BotBots themselves inside a plastic tray set against a cardboard background that looks like an artist's table including a graphic novel with a page ripped out, an inkwell with a pen next to it and even a chair! I absolutely love this packaging. It really does help make this set extra special and it is a fun meta reference to San Diego Comic-Con itself.

One of Hasbro's San Diego Comic-Con 2019 exclusives was a boxed set of BotBots. This set, known as the "Con Crew" introduced three new Tribes: the Line League, the Fantastic Fuelers and the Meet N' Greets. This boxed set had 10 figures, a mixture of new sculpts and redecos. The figures included in the set were:

Sumthin' Fishy is a redeco of the sculpt originally used for Hawt Mess in Series 2. Since I have not yet reviewed that figure this will be my first look at this sculpt.

Fish Taco Mode
When BotBots were first announced, the food based ones were perhaps the most bizarre and highly anticipated designs. Transforming food has been done before in some toy lines, but not as part of a mainline Transformers line. The Hawt Mess sculpt was given a new deco as Sumthin' Fishy, a (you guessed it) Fish Taco. The sculpt is well done. There is a curved taco shell portion and inside is an intricately sculpted set of details that can be well...anything really. Rice, meat, lettuce etc. In this case, it appears to be fish in the middle with lettuce at the edges based on the deco. The middle section is mostly an off-white while the edges are painted green. The taco shell is a beige color, similar to a real life soft taco shell.

Transformation to Robot Mode

  1. Pull on one side so it slides out, then tilt it back to reveal the robot head.
  2. Pull the other side out and swing the ends out to form the feet.
  3. Pull the arms out to the sides.

Robot Mode:
Thanks to the size of the alt-mode this is one of the larger BotBots robot modes. His head looks like it has a gigantic helmet or hat on it. The main body has a triangular design on the chest that gives the very organic looking robot a bit of robotic design.

The most colorful parts of this mode are the face and the chest. The face is white with pink sections around the top and sides. Sumthin' Fishy's eyes and mouth are set in a rather mean looking expression as if he is grumpy from days of being at the convention. The design on the chest is blue, purple and pink, giving a very 90's vibe.

Sumthin' Fishy has two points of articulation: the arms.

Final Thoughts:
Sumthin' Fishy is a fun BotBot. I think the Fish Taco alt-mode is wonderfully absurd and the robot mode looks cool.