Beast Wars Transformers Waspinator (Transmetal) Toy Review

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Beast Wars Transformers


Name: Waspinator
Function: Aerial Attack

After the quantum surge, Waspinator became a meched-out, armored wasp with the ability to change into a fighter jet - as well as a bio-genetically enhanced robot. His personality however, did not change much; he's still, aggressive and dangerous when angered. Only now Waspinator is faster, armed with a toxic stinger and more driven in his mission to wipe out the Maximals forever!

Strength: 7.0 Intelligence: 6.0 Speed: 9.0 Endurance: 7.0
Rank: 5.0 Courage: 4.0 Firepower: 7.0 Skill: 6.0

Transmetal Waspinator does not appear on the CGI television show by Mainframe Entertainment, but it would be awesome if he did. This is one of the few Transmetals toys with a truly neat vehicle mode along with the requisite good design and fun transformation. It is nice to see poor ol' Waspinator getting such an exciting upgrade!

Beast Mode:
As a beast, Waspinator retains his former mode as a large wasp. This time however, he is a large mechanical Transmetal wasp. His color scheme is very striking, consisting of red, black vacuume metallized gold and translucent blue with gold detailing for his wings. the gold trim on the wings is especially nice as it follows a pattern all across the large and smaller wings.

Results may vary from production model to production model, but despite having six legs that are rather nicely detailed and designed, Waspinator cannot stand on his beast mode legs. He kind of flops down on his belly and lays there, so any poses with him standing in beast mode may require hand support.

In beast mode Waspinator has twenty points of articulation. This allows for some very fun play as his beast mode legs are all movable in two places and his mandibles can move as well. A nice beast mode overall despite the "standing" problem.

Transformation to vehicle mode:
Waspinator begins his transformation to his vehicle mode by moving his beast mode head up, and flipping out the cockpit of his jet mode. Next his beast mode legs all reposition so they are pointing towards the rear on the sides, effectively getting them "out of the way". His two rear smaller wings fold up and his larger wing ends swing back and flatten out. Waspinator's jet mode is complete!

Vehicle Mode:
Waspinator has a very nice looking jet mode. The colors remain the same from the beast mode but the jet mode is definately recognizable as different than the beast mode. The effect of the larger wings acting as "jet wings" works especially well. The two antanae on his beast mode head look like lasers and his nosecone is nicely painted and detailed, complete with a nice red trim around the blue cockpit area.

The only problem this mode suffers from is a noticable amount of undercarriage junk Waspinator has. This junk includes the beast mode legs and robot legs. However, the mode still looks nice both in design and color and offers a cool alternative to the beast mode for Waspinator to fly in!

Transformation to Robot mode:
Waspinator's robot legs fold out from underneath the rear rump, allowing the robot arms to swing to the sides and up. Next, remove his gun from the vacuume metallized gold piece. His larger wings fan out on his back and his beast mode head swings down to reveal his robot mode head and become his chest. Reposition his beast mode legs so they are not in the way of his robot arms and legs. Place the weapon into either fist and Waspinator has now terrorized into robot mode!

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, Waspinator looks almost exactly like his original self. His beast mode head is his chest, his face still resembles an insect's and his wings protrude out of his back. This time however, Waspinator looks much more dangerous and sleek. The red, black, vacuume metallized gold and blue color scheme are part of the reason for this. Also, this is one of the few deluxe Transmetals toys to actually carry a rifle or gun of any sort. Waspinator also has many point and jagged parts (don't worry parents, they're not sharp) which add to his more "dangerous" look.

In this mode, Waspinator has seventeen points of articulation allowing for some cool playability. Also, pay special attention to details such as the molding of his robot mode eyes, the paint detailing on his face and detailing on his arms and legs. They show a good level of craftsmanship going into a very nice toy.

Transmetal Waspinator lives up to being an "upgrade" of the original. Highly recommended. A

Additional Thoughts (August 2012):
I've always thought it was a really fascinating choice for Waspinator to get a jet as his vehicle mode. First, it makes sense given his beast mode of a wasp, but more to the point since he was possessed by Starscream in the television show, this jet mode feels almost like a remnant of that possession. I also love how with only a few moves of wing panels and a nosecone he truly does look like a jet. The creativity of this piece still makes me smile to this day.