Beast Wars Transformers Spittor (Transmetal 2) Toy Review

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Beast Wars Transformers


Name: Spittor
Function: Special Forces: Amphibious Warrior
Motto: "I'm mean to the core...I got meanness oozing out of every pore."

Driven by anger and galvanized confidence in his craft, Spittor will do whatever necessary to achieve his deadly assignments. Highly skilled under sea and on land, he is the soundless warrior who Megatron reserves for the jobs that require seamless execution - a true professional. Covered in poison from head to tail, it was rumored that rubbing his back would bring luck but only resulted in several Predacons slipping into severe and extended dimentia. Dangerously patient; has an electro-venom tongue which actually detaches to be wielded as a weapon in robot mode. Can leap one quarter-mile in a single bound. Has camouflaged spinal claw that elminates frontal attacks. Unrefined and consumed by repressed anger; dislikes all things but is extremely devoted to Megatron.

Strength: 5.8 Intelligence: 4.9 Speed: 6.9 Endurance: 8.1
Rank: 5.0 Courage: 7.1 Firepower: 5.7 Skill: 8.9

Spittor Tech Specs imageSpittor is back! The former regular Predacon frog is now a Transmetal II warrior! By using a more "exotic" beast form, a rich blend of colors can be used for this fierce beast mode and the robot mode is rather interesting.

The Gimmick:
So what separates a Transmetal II from a Transmetal? For one thing, the third "alternate" vehicle modes are gone. In their place, a more striking design style, special features in each toy and a "Spark Crystal". The Spark Crystals are small marble type balls embedded into the body of the toys, each with the symbol of the character's respective allegiance.

Beast Mode:
In beast mode, Spittor is a Transmetal II poisonous frog. Maintaining a color scheme leaning towards blues and greens from his previous incarnation, this new Spittor is a lot brighter and less subdued visually. In this form, vacume metallized green parts are on his beast mode head, in the beast mode eyes and on the back of the beast mode. Bright green takes up most of his back with purple mechanical patterns breaking the bright green up here and there. His lower beast mode legs and part of his face are aqua blue, with the upper beast mode legs being purple.

As a frog, Spittor has forteen points of articulation. Most of this is built into the legs, and one interesting feature is the vacume metallized green "claw" on his back which can extend up and forwards to slash at enemies! The detail level on this toy is great, with bumps and ridges all over the body of the frog, giving it that slightly "gross" feeling. The mechanical details are well done, with a seeming continuity of tubes and mechanical bits flowing through the main body form.

This beast mode is well made, and creepy looking. The bright colors actually work since this is a poisonous frog. The use of vacume metallized parts is well thought out on this toy, especially in the beast mode eyes.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
Begin the transformation by flipping up the back piece and beast mode head. Detach the tongue/weapon piece and set it aside. Rotate the lifted section so the beast mode head half is on the right side. Now fold down the lower waist/leg section and lock it into place. Fold up the lower beast mode mouth section, and straighten out Spittor's robot legs. Now, straighten out the robot arms, and then rotate the upper body/beast mode body piece around and flip the robot head into place. If you're wondering, yes, the robot head is supposed to look "hunched over" like that. Place his tongue/weapon into his hand and Spittor is ready to rumble!

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, Spittor maintains his color sceme from the beast mode, with a bit more purple showing. His spark crystal is located under the beast mode head above his right shoulder. Bumps and ridges continue to be used as detailing (side by side with tubes, jagged claws and screws) even on robot mode parts such as his waist and upper robot chest.

As a robot, Spittor has fifteen points of articulation. These points include waist and multi-point leg and arm articulation. His hand held weapon seems to fit into the right hand better than the left, but this may vary from shipment to shipment. For those who do not want to keep the weapon in his hand, it can be mounted on the piece which serves as the lower beast mode jaw, which in this mode is in the back of the toy.

The look of the toy is fascinating because of the all the details which are colored brightly enough to "jump out" at you. He hunched look is very interesting, adding a bit to his fierceness. A good toy overall. A

Additional Thoughts (August 2012):
The strength of this sculpt is not only in its detail, but also the fierceness it portrays. I think the fact that this was a sculpt that got carried over into a different show ("Robots in Disguise") as "Slapper" is really interesting and shows how strong it was. It also makes him rather unique in being one of the few "Beast era" sculpts that never showed up in the television show, but would later appear in another series (just in different colors).