Beast Wars Transformers Manterror Toy Review

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Beast Wars Transformers


Tech Specs:
Name: Manterror
Function: Quick-Attack Specialist

The maniacal Manterror may seem awkward in appearance, but he's a skilled fighter with devastating quickness in both robot and insect battle modes. Having the power of flight and equipped with razor-sharp raptor claws, he activates internal stealth silencers to strike from the sky like a sizzling bolt of proton lightning. In robot mode, he prefers to launch his devastating ion discs, which don't stop spinning until they've sliced through a targeted enemy's external armor. As he always says, "To face the Manterror is to face defeat!"

Strength: 5.0 Intelligence: 9.0 Speed: 6.0 Endurance: 3.0
Rank: 6.0 Courage: 5.0 Firepower: 8.0 Skill: 10.0

Manterror is a deluxe Beast Wars Transformers toy. His design utilizes a beast mode that many hoped to see in a Beast Wars Transformers toy, that of a praying mantis. A powerful and elegant creature, Manterror is a nice toy to behold.

Beast Mode:
In beast mode, Manterror is a praying mantis with unusual abilities. His primary colors are transluscent purple, light green and orange. His shape is very thin and insect like. Several parts are made out of a transluscent purple material including the insect wings, insect legs and the disks which fire out of his pincers. Orange stripes grace his pincers and rear in insect mode. A majority of his body is light green. His beast mode eyes are orange with a black spray painted over the edges.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
From his underside towards the rear, Manterror's robot legs fold down and his feet halves fold out. His pincer arms fold upper body half folds down and his pincer arms fold up. The insect leg halves fold towards the front and form his chest. His beast mode head forms his lower waist. His insect wings fold up and the robot mode is complete. Overall a nice transformation. However the insect legs have a tendency to pop off in the middle of transformation. Although they snap right back on, it is annoying and could cause lost parts.

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, Manterror is a very dangerous, but odd looking creature. His robot head is painted primarily light purple with a huge sharp toothed grin. His arms and pincers stretch out to actually be longer than his body as well. The front of his robot legs have a very nicely done transluscent green plastic on them. His pincers have a nice feature. Pushing a green button on top of each pincer fires purple disks, and they travel rather far so be careful when using this feature. In robot mode, Manterror has thirteen points of articulation, including wrist articulation allowing his pincers to move up and down.

Manterror is a good toy. But the top of his body outweighs his legs and if the legs become loose, the toy flops all over the place. However, if the legs are tight, the toy can achieve some fantastic poses. A nice job overall. B