Beast Wars Transformers Iguanus Toy Review

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Beast Wars Transformers


Tech Specs:
Name: Iguanus
Function: Demolitions

A lizard unlike any other, his internal intelligence processors are specifically programmed for combat sabatoge. If Optimus Primal installs an infrared detection dish near a Predacon outpost, Iguanus will alter it to self-destruct when fired. Body scales are actually titanium-plated armor, as is the deflective headplate that shields him from laser fire.

Strength: 5.0 Intelligence: 8.0 Speed: 7.0 Endurance: 5.0
Rank: 5.0 Courage: 7.0 Firepower: 6.0 Skill: 6.0

Iguanus was one of the first basic Predacon Beast Wars toys released. For those fans looking at him and making a double take, don't worry, your sanity is intact. Much of the same mold was also used for the basic sized crocodile Megatron figure released the same year.

Beast Mode:
In beast mode, Iguanus is a lizard. Although the frills around his neck indicate that he is a frill necked lizard, his body is a bit too thick to be one. Like Scorponok, this is one beast mode best not analyzed too deeply. His primary color is brown with yellow and orange mixed in for detailing. His beast mode eyes are blue.

In beast mode, Iguanus has seven primary points of articulation. This includes his mouth which can open and close (revealing a red tongue inside). His front legs have three points of articulation each, but the rear legs pretty much are stuck the way they are.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
Iguanus is an example of the "spring loaded" Transformers used for the basic price point in the first year of the Beast Wars line. Simply remove his tail, push up the yellow spinal piece and most of the transformation is taken care of. Fold his rear beast mode legs back, straighten out the robot feet and robot arms. Flip the end of the tail to reveal Iguanus' gun. Place it in his hand and this Predacon is ready to rock.

Robot Mode:
In robot mode, Iguanus looks pretty cool. His robot head is quite "evil" looking and has fiery red eyes. His primary colors from the beast mode remain, but a lot more yellow can be seen. The yellow us used for his upper legs, upper arms, waist and fists. The rest is mostly brown, which is a bit of a downer. A lot of the detailing on his lower legs and his gun are lost when the color is so uniform. Silver detailing may have helped bring out some of the details.

Iguanus has thirteen points of articulation in robot mode. This includes three points of articulation on each arm and leg. One of Ignuanus' most impressive features is his cannon, which is huge compared to his arms. This gives him quite an imposing look as befitting a Predacon warrior.

Overall, this is a fun toy that one can really enjoy. The robot mode looks great and is very posable. Recommended. A