Beast Wars Transformers Bantor Toy review

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Beast Wars Transformers

Tech Specs:
Name: Bantor
Function: Jungle Warrior, Demolitions Expert

Tempermental and solitary. Bantor relishes his Fuzor animalian fusion. Enhanced by the attributes of a baboon's and tiger's instincts, he is a natural warrior in total flux with the ways of combat. Extremely versatile, Bantor combines the cunning patience of a tiger with the near-demented frenzy of a baboon, deleting the need for ammunition in close-range combat. Optimal Optimus' first choice for recon demolition in missions. Bantor can traverse deep into Predacon territory and escape undetected. Largely unknown by the enemy, his reputation for setting undetectable traps exceeds his identity, though his power-ram head and right hook are widely considered devastating.

Strength: 6.0 Intelligence: 9.0 Speed: 6.0 Endurance: 7.0
Rank: 5.0 Courage: 9.0 Firepower: 4.0 Skill: 8.0


Bantor is one of the regular Beast Wars Transformers 1998 Fuzors toys. His organic parts are a mix of a baboon and a tiger. To a large degree, this fusion works and the tech specs are written up to reflect the action feature of the the toy and the beast modes and integrate them into the personality of the character.

Beast Mode:
From a distance, it is almost difficult to see the fusion of two animals in this toy, mostly because the colors overall are dark brown and orange. Upon closer inspection, one can see that amongst all the brown and orange "fur" around the beast mode's face is a face that reflects aspects of the baboon and tiger. The nose is a prominent red. The area around it is blue-silver.

The upper forelegs are brown and the lower legs are orange. Even the legs appear to be a combination of both animals. The body towards the front has tiger stripes, but is shaped much more like a baboon's. It is interesting to note that one rear leg is a baboon's while the other is a tiger's. Overall the beast mode looks very fierce, if not oddly proportioned. This mode integrates both animals well.

His action feature is a head ramming action activated by pressing a button on his back.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
Bantor's rear legs and posterior (with tail) detach. Underneath, one will find one of his robot arms. The forearms split off from the sides and form his lower waist and legs. The lower body then twists around to form his entire lower body. The beast mode head and neck folds to the side and pushing up a small lever pushes up the robot head. The rear end then re-attaches to the left arm from the top to form a type of "slashing" weapon.

Robot Mode:
Bantor's robot mode is rather exotic looking. Primarily organic, the most "mechanical" aspects appear in his lower body and the right side of his upper chest (which merges right into organic fur and flesh). His color scheme remains brown, orange and black. The only deviation from this is on his fac which has green eyes and blue silver accents.

Pressing a button at the end of the beast mode head launches his right arm for a nasty right hook! In this mode, he has twelve points of articulation. Overall, a neat toy. A

Additional thoughts (Added June 2012):
Bantor is easily one of the wackiest designs to come out of the Beast Wars line. There's something about his bright, crazy appearance and the use of asymmetrical design in both forms sets him apart from many Transformers. The design works nicely and despite being wacky, he's still a solid figure that doesn't have balance issues. I'm also very happy with his robot mode design showing semi-organic styled details such as tubes near his neck and torso. This is a great example of the imagination that went into Beast Wars.