"Age of Extinction" Power Attacker Scorn Toy Review

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Age of Extinction

Scorn General Information:
Release Date: October 2014
Price Point: $9.99 (Varies by retailer)
Retailer: General Release (Toys R Us, K-Mart, Target etc.)
Accessories: None


Note: Your eyes don't deceive you, I had to use a rubber band to hold Scorn's action feature/whip in place.

*Images and text below from Amazon.com:
Gear up for power-punching action with the Power Attackers! This mighty Scorn Power Attacker figure converts from robot mode to dino mode, just like Scorn always has, and he’s a mighty warrior in robot mode. But when he wants to flatten his enemies, he converts in 8 easy steps to dino mode with a vicious tail whip attack! Convert, whip and attack with your Scorn Power Attacker! Transformers and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

"Power Attacker" figures are the middle ground between the simpler "One Step Changers" such as Optimus Prime and the larger, more complex figures like Leader Class Grimlock. Power Attackers focus on an action feature along with a simplified transformation scheme. The character of Scorn previously saw release as a Deluxe Class figure, but that was the "Generations" style figure. This is a different sculpt altogether. I do recommend reading that review however as I comment on the design of the character in that write up.

Robot Mode:
Scorn was one of the more unique designs in "Age of Extinction". his right arm had the dinosaur head on it (though it did have a fist) and the left arm had his beast mode tail as a whip like weapon. This wasn't just the action figure, he actually appeared like that in the movie, which was cool to see. However, for his "Power Attacker" incarnation the robot mode has been altered. Now the beast mode's front section splits to form the arms. For those who didn't like the design of the Deluxe figure, this gives him a more humanoid form with two "regular" arms and hands instead of the tail whip arm. The tail winds up on the back of the figure, looking like a tail for the robot mode. I like this alternative design to the character. It may not be "screen accurate", but it definitely has the appeal of looking more like a traditional Transformers figure.

A lot of the details and design on this figure are very similar to the Deluxe figure. This includes the shape and designs on the chest and the design of the tasset (which guards the waist area) on a suit of medieval armor. Also his legs have the layers of armor on them and his feet have "points" sticking up at the toes. The proportions of these parts are different for sure, but nothing looks odd. In fact, from a distance it would be easy to mistake this figure for its Deluxe counterpart.

Color-wise, Scorn uses the same basic colors as his Deluxe counterpart. His primary plastic colors are red, with silver and black. Red is the main color, making up most of the torso, the shoulders, head and lower legs. The paint deco is pretty nice. This includes silver on the mouthplate and chest, black on the mid-body area and red on the lower arms. A bit of orange is used on the middle of the chest and the eyes are painted black. I really like the deco on this figure. The colors don't get monotonous and are very striking.

Scorn has ten points of articulation in this mode. Each arm has three and his legs each have two. It's not as much as a "Generations" style figure, but for a "simplified" figure it's pretty cool. His arms can move up and down as well as bending at the elbow. His legs can kick out and his lower arms and legs can swivel. Not bad at all! Scorn's action feature centers around the tail on the back of the figure. Normally this tail can tab into a slot on the back of the figure. Separate the tab from the slot and squeeze his legs together (specifically the right leg). The tail will swing forward (along with the chest piece) like a whip. The interesting thing is that as part of the feature, there is a second chest and head that reveals itself. The second head is not a mirror of the main head. It actually has some more details sticking up at the top than the "main" head, which I interpret as Scorn's more "aggressive" look. The tail whip is quite dramatic as an action feature, but I'm not going to lie - it looks very weird for him to have a tail sticking out of his chest! It almost looks like he was impaled by a weapon with a tail at the end. Still, it will knock Decepticons (and other action figures) down with ease and the gimmick works every time I've used it.

Transformation to Beast Mode:

  1. Rotate the forearms so the red parts are facing outward.
  2. Swing the dinosaur arms on the shoulders forward.
  3. Swing both arms up and connect them in the middle.
  4. Swing the two panels on his back with the spikes together.
  5. Swing each robot leg forward, then rotate the lower legs around.
  6. Push the base of the tail down, connecting it to the red hip section using the silver tab and its corresponding slot.

Beast Mode:
Much like the robot mode, at first glance Scorn could easily pass for a Deluxe Class figure. He's about the right size and the detail level on the dinosaur mode is fantastic. His head has several ridges on top and a really scary look on his face (the sharp looking teeth and wide eye help). His back has spikes on it that continue down the tail. All along the main body are armor panels. The arms and legs also have some great detailing on them, making this one impressive looking dinosaur mode for a "simplified" Transformer.

Scorn's deco looks great in this form. Red is still the main color, but silver stands out on the snout, the neck, his upper legs and tail. Black paint is used for detailing on the head and feet. His eyes are painted blue. The nicest paint detail is found on the soft spikes on his back, which start with orange at the base and then leads to yellow on top, making it look like he has a fire on his back! He really looks spectacular in this form.

There are five points of articulation in this form, two on each leg and the tail. This is about right for the Power Attackers. His action feature doesn't work in this form.

Final Thoughts:
Scorn looks fantastic in both modes. His action feature is...a bit odd to say the least, but I don't hold that against the figure. If you are curious about Power Attackers at all, this is a great addition to your "Age of Extinction" shelf.