"Age of Extinction" One Step Changer Megatron Toy Review

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Age of Extinction

Rollbar General Information:
Release Date: November 2014
Price Point: $9.99 (Varies by retailer)
Retailer: General Release (Toys R Us, K-Mart, Target etc.)
Accessories: None


*Images and text below in italics are from Amazon.com:
Megaton is back and he's tougher than ever! This Megaton changer fights his Autobus enemies every time he can and he converts so fast they'll never be able to keep up. Press him to convert him from mighty robot mode to tank mode in just 1 step, convert him back again when the battle calls for it! Will the Autobus be able to handle your fast-changing Megaton figure? It's all up to you! Transformers and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

*Note: I'm guessing someone had "spell check" on and just hit "Replace All" given some of the odd spellings on Amazon. The Hasbrotoyshop entry actually had correct text:

Megatron is back, and he's tougher than ever! This Megatron changer fights his Autobot enemies every time he can, and he converts so fast they'll never be able to keep up. Press him to convert him from mighty robot mode to tank mode in just 1 step, convert him back again when the battle calls for it! Will the Autobots be able to handle your fast-changing Megatron figure? It's all up to you!

As part of its drive to appeal to different segments of the toy buying audience, Hasbro has introduced different sub-lines of "Transformers" figures for the "Age of Extinction" toy line. One of these are the "One Step Changers". As the name suggests, the idea behind these figures is the ability to transform the figure in one step, keeping them in spirit with G1 toys like Jumpstarters and Battlechargers. One of the late 2014 One Step Changer releases was a surprise (and an odd one at that): "Revenge of the Fallen" Megatron! If you haven't seen this guy in a while, check out my review of the Voyager Class figure and Fast Action Battler to see how previous attempts at creating this version of Megatron worked out.

Vehicle Mode:
For his second live action movie appearance Megatron took on the form of a Cybertronian tank. The tank rolled on four treads and had two smaller cannons flanking the central cannon. This figure replicates these features and many others. The details from the CG model that carry over here include two curved vents on either side of the tank turret and Megatron's head at the front of the tank (because let's face it, when you're Megatron disguise is secondary). There are a lot of nicely sculpted details in this form including a lot of raised armor and machinery details on the sides of the treads. It's a pretty great sculpt for this tank mode and I'm glad the designers resisted the urge to shrink/narrow down the turret section. The tank looks wide and imposing, as it should.

Megatron is cast in silver, dark brown and gold plastic. The silver is mostly used on the top, though you'll see a bit in the middle on the sides. The treads are the brown parts, though in some light it looks almost like a dark silver. The gold is used for smaller parts, mostly concentrated on the front of the vehicle covering up parts of the robot head. In this form Megatron only has one primary deco: the Decepticon symbol on his turret, located right above the cannon. Given that this wasn't the most colorful vehicle mode to begin with, it actually works out nicely as minimal deco is needed for this form.

In this mode Megatron rolls on four wheels located on the robot feet and shoulders. I'd be careful with rolling him around on rough surfaces as his robot arms stick out a bit at the bottom and I could se them getting scuffed up pretty easily. The central cannon can move up and down, but the turret cannot turn.

Transformation to Robot Mode:
Press the trigger on the top of the vehicle and the back section unlocks and swings up. Flip the figure over and move the robot arms up and the transformation is complete.

Robot Mode:
Given how simple his transformation is, it's pretty cool to see how closely this figure manages to follow the design of his on screen counterpart in this form. Megatron's head sculpt is solid, looking like a curved Decepticon symbol with a demonic face in the middle (down to his very threatening looking teeth). His torso has the look of armor layered over a skeleton and his shoulder armor pieces are asymmetrical, with the right armor sticking out and up more than the left. His legs have smooth panels over the thigh area and the lower legs are treads, all features seen on the CG model in the film. From a sculpting standpoint I think the designers did a great job.

Megatron uses the same colors as the vehicle mode, but his torso and thighs are all painted silver. While it is one uniform color, this is a lot of paint for a One Step Changer figure and I was quite surprised. Why silver on silver? The silver paint color has a rough, metallic look to it, distinguishing it from the more "flat" looking silver plastic. This matches up to the color of the character in the movie. The face is painted gold and his eyes are red, contrasting nicely against the gold and looking evil all at the same time.

In this form Megatron can move his arms up and down and that's about it for posability. Unfortunately due to the weird design of his hands (long, thin fingers in an odd configuration) he doesn't have 5mm port to attach weapons. I even tried to attach 3mm Cyberverse weapons and it just looked awkward.

Final Thoughts:
One Step Changer Megatron is perhaps the most random entry into the line as he has almost no connection to anything that appeared on screen. It's a bit of a stretch to say perhaps this represents Galvatron in some meta way but I think most fans would have preferred one of Galvatron's Vehicon army from the film. While I do wish a different character had been chosen for a Decepticon in this wave, I can't deny that this is a cool looking One Step Changer. Recommended only if you want a small version of "Revenge of the Fallen" Megatron to play around with.