Events: "Robots in Disguise" 2015 Premiere in New York City

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"Robots in Disguise" Premiere in New York City

As part of their launch of the new "Robots in Disguise" "Transformers" series for 2015, Hasbro and Hunter PR set up an event at the Tribeca Cinema in downtown New York City to launch the toy line and television show. The event kicked off at 1PM on March 7th and let me tell you, it was surreal to see the words "Hasbro Studios Presents Transformers Robots in Disguise" on the Tribeca Cinemas marquee. This is a theater generally used for arthouse films and more "artsy" movies. To have the event here was unexpected and super fun.

When we entered, the main area is not like your typical theater. There are two levels with lounge chairs, couches and even a full bar (no alcohol being served of course). Toys from the "Robots in Disguise" toy line were everywhere from the "Titan Guardians" to the "One Step Changers" to the "Warrior Class" including wave two toys such as Drift and Optimus Prime. Kids were encouraged to play with the toys. All around the room were activity stations for the kids. The stations were:

  • Bumblebee Photo Booth: Take a photo with Bumblebee and have a background from the show worked into the photo! Masks of Strongarm, Sideswipe and Bumblebee were available too.
  • Strongarm's Rookie Mission: A live demo and hands on demo of the "Robots in Disguise" app including scanning figures. This was projected onto a big screen.
  • Sideswipe's Drag Strip: Race One Step Changers! Tons of Bumblebee, Fixit and Sideswipe One Step Changers at this station.
  • Grimlock Coloring Corner: Plenty of pictures for kids to color.
  • Fix-It's Decepticon Identification Station: Identify the Decepticon on a poster (it was Underbite) and get a free Tiny Titan! I got Soundwave!

After hanging out for a while we were ushered into the theater where we were shown the first two episodes "Robots in Disguise"! Even better, we were given free popcorn, candy, soda and/or water on the way in. These are the "Pilot" episodes and connect together so it was perfect to see the two back to back. The audience was captivated and there were some laughs for sure. I really enjoyed the two episodes a lot and I'll be posting reviews this weekend so keep an eye out for those!

After we got out of the theater we were allowed to hang out and continue checking out toys and hang out with friends. What was awesome to see was the pure, unadulterated enthusiasm the kids showed with the toys. They loved playing with these things. Seeing them have fun scanning the symbols into the app while playing with the toys. It was great seeing how the toys are meant to be enjoyed without debate, without pessimism or nitpicking. They saw fun toys, they enjoyed them and they were happy.

On the way out we were given goodie bags. Adults received Three Step Changers and kids received One Step Changers. This was a super fun event and I really appreciate Hasbro and Hunter PR inviting me!

Don't forget to check out my Facebook gallery of photos from the event.