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IDW Universe
The titles that encompass the new "Transformers" universe created by IDW. This includes the series begun with "Infiltration" as well as the Spotlight series.

Movie Adaptations
Comic book adaptations of the original and 2007 "Transformers" movies. This includes the movie prequel series.

Marvel G1 Reprints
Reprinting the stories that began the "Transformers" legend in print, this section includes reprints of both US and UK Marvel material.

Beast Wars Transformers
Centuries after the Autobots defeated the Decepticons, their descendents the Maximals and Predacons have reignited the fires of war!

Alternate history meets Transformers in these speculative tales.

Special Publications
This is a catchall section for magazines and trade paperbacks that do not fall under other categories.

Regeneration One
Continuing the storyline started over twenty years ago in Marvel Comics' Generation One series!

Fall of Cybertron
In the distant past, Grimlock and his Lightning Strike Coalition embark on an unauthorized mission that will change their lives forever!

Transformers Prime
Adaptations and adventures of characters in the "Transformers Prime" television show universe.

Transformers '84 #0
Millions of years ago, Optimus Prime led a crew of Autobots to clear a path in space and save their home planet Cybertron. However, that is only one side of the story!