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Hot on the heels of receiving the BotBots Series 3 mailer box, Amazon has posted several BotBots Series 4 listings! These items are in stock now to order. These include the new Tribes the Home Rangers, Science Alliance and Magic Tricksters. Among the insane new sculpts are a Top Hat that transforms into a rabbit, a couch and an iron! Check out the product descriptions and images below from Amazon:

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The awesome folks over at Hasbro have shipped Ben's World of Transformers a fantastic mailer featuring BotBots! Hasbro has sent mailer boxes before but this time the focus is on Series 3 with a preview of Series 4! Like previous mailer boxes, the outside claims (tongue firmly in cheek) that there are no robots inside and that everything inside is what it is disguised as. Open up the box and the inside box features a ton of BotBots character art in a gift box complete with a bow on it to celebrate the holiday season!

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Takara Tomy Mall has posted its listing for MP-49 Nemesis Prime! This figure is a redeco of MP-44 Optimus Prime. However, this figure will be a pared-down version of the original release. It will not include the sound box or trailer. It will only include the following accessories:

  • Alternate Head
  • Beam Effect
  • Energy Axe
  • Matrix
  • Laser Rifle
  • Character Card
  • Instruction Manual

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A few days ago the Cyberverse Deluxe Class figures were revealed to have been released in Hong Kong. Now thanks to Amazon UK we have our first look at official product photos for Deluxe Class Megatron and Optimus Prime! Unlike previously released renders these photos show off the actual toys along with in-package photos!

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The Acid Rain line features articulated detailed military figures, vehicles, and accessories on tiny 1/18 and 1/24 scales. Each set is compatible with others in the line of the same scale, making them perfect to collect and display.

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Hasbro has announced the opening of the Transformers 35th Anniversary Fan Vote via the Official Transformers Facebook Page. Here's the info you'll want to check out before putting in your vote!


  • Favorite fictional character from the 1984 season of The Transformers animated television series.
  • 2019 Transformers War for Cybertron Siege toy of the year.

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Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong!
This weekend earn a plentitude of 5-Star Shards and check out the reveal of our next rotation of 5-Star bots below!

Old School

Take part in this weekend's event to win:

- Up to 10,000,000 Energon and Alloy
- The 100,000 Spark
- Up to 5,000 Premium Shards
- Up to 1,000 5-Star Shards
- Up to 100 Old School Crystals each containing equal chances to drop 5, 4 or 3-Star Shards!
- And SUPER XP per battle

Event type: Alliance Totaliser
Start Date: 06/12/19 10:00 UTC
End Date: 09/12/19 10:00 UTC
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This week Takara Tomy is participating in a special event in Japan. From what I have been able to piece together, the event is known as "A Railway Story in the Sky" and heavily focuses on trains with a somewhat nostalgic eye. For those of you who can read Japanese, you may want to check out for details on this event.

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As a follow up to his in box photos of the Cyberverse Deluxe Class figures, fellow fan Kenneth Y. was kind enough to snap some quick photos of Optimus Prime out of package! These photos show off the figure's various features including a Matrix inside the chest and the use of his "Blast Effect". There is also a surprising amount of articulation on this figure allowing for some really dynamic poses!

Image credits go to Kenneth Y.

Back in October Hasbro revealed a new sub-line of the Cyberverse toy line: Deluxe Class figures! Unlike most of the line which is heavily gimmick focused, these figures would be more traditional Transformers figures with a coherent robot mode and vehicle mode and even Blast Effects! Even cooler? Across two waves of eight figures fans can collect pieces to assemble a non-transforming Maccadam figure!

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Black Friday has passed, but that does not mean the sales online have ended! Ben's World of Transformers sponsor BigBadToyStore has posted several Transformers items at discount prices! I have broken up the sales into the various segments of the Transformers toy line for your convenience. Act now! These prices won't last forever. Remember, ordering via these links helps support Ben's World of Transformers.


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Thanksgiving has passed and shoppers are recovering from Black Friday, but sales on Entertainment Earth continue! The BWTF affiliate site has posted several items at holiday season discounts for shoppers to take advantage of. Check out some key selections from their current sale broken out by price range. Remember, shopping via these links helps support Ben's World of Transformers!


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Created by Doctor Fujiyama for the benefit of all mankind, Nightbird was stolen by the Decepticons and reprogrammed to serve evil! Check out my review and gallery of this special release.

Direct-Hit is the leader of the Battle Squad who is in way over his head. Power Punch meanwhile lives up to his name with his brute force approach to battle! Check out my review and gallery of this awesome set.

Earlier in November it was announced that the Japanese band "Bump of Chicken" would be collaborating with Takara Tomy on a special edition "Sonic Blue Bumble" figure (a redeco of Legends Bumble) along with Exo-Suit Chama (a redeco of Legends Spike). Now BWTF Sponsor BigBadToyStore has put the figure up for pre-order. (Read more...)

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