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No exceptions! Everyone must adhere to Hoist's maintenance schedule. Other Autobots may be good at duking it out with Decepticons, but it's Hoist's job to keep them in fighting shape! Check out my review and gallery of Earthrise Hoist!

The Official Transformers Facebook Page has posted a trailer for the third season of Cyberverse! Titled "Bumblebee: Cyberverse Adventures", this season focuses on the Transformers returning to their homeworld of Cybertron to restore it to its former glory. However old conflicts may get in the way again as Megatron tries to claim the planet as his own once again! Check out the trailer in the embed below:

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Starting in late 2019, the Cyberverse toy line launched a new class if figures: the Deluxe Class! More articulated and complex than other Cyberverse figures, the first two waves were announced right on the package to build up excitement for the Maccadam "Build-a-Figure" spread out across the two waves. Now we have an official in-package look at one of the figures from Wave 2: Hot Rod!

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Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong!

Battle in this weekend’s event to win Frozen Spark Crystals and get a closer look at how Dinobot and Dinobot II will look in-game!

Primeval Spark

Take part in this weekend’s event to win:

- Up to 60,000 Spark
- Up to 5,000 Premium Shards, 2,000 3-Stars Shards and 700 4-Star Shards!
- Up to 5 Silver Power Cores and 1 Gold Power Core
- THE LAST Prime Avatar
- And Frozen Spark Crystals from the hardest tiers!

Event Type: Individual Totaliser
Start Date: 14/02/2020 10:00 UTC
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Mezco Toyz presents the One:12 Collective DC Comics Two-Face! The alter ego and criminal mastermind persona of Gotham City’s fallen District Attorney, Harvey Dent. $95.00

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Impulsive and brave, Cliffjumper is not exactly a patient Autobot but you can count on him in a fire fight. Check out my review and gallery of "Earthrise" Cliffjumper!

Jim Sorenson is an accomplished writer whose credits include Transformers books including Transformers: The Ark - A Complete Compendium Of Transformers Animation Models, Transformers Animated: Allspark Almanac and Transformers Legacy: The Art of Transformers Packaging. Now he brings a Transformers history book filled with gorgeous art from packaging to video games to animation! (Read more...)

Amazon has reduced the prices on several Transformers items from Cyberverse to Generations. Some discounts are fairly small while some are really great deals if you have been holding off on purchasing certain figures. Check out the list below:

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When Dropkick arrived on Earth, he took on the form of an AMC Javelin muscle car. Check out my review and gallery of the "Studio Series" figure based on this form!

Back in July 2019, Viz Media revealed that it would be publishing "Transformers: The Manga Volume 1", a collection of Japanese Transformers Manga strips that had previously only been available in Japan. Volume 1 of this series is currently up for pre-order on Amazon with a price of $16.99 (on sale from $24.99 at the time of this writing) and is due for release on March 10, 2020.

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Wheeljack is one of the first figures released for "Earthrise". Check out my review and gallery of this new interpretation of the Autobot mad scientist!

Wonderfest 2020 is moving along and thanks to Dengeki Hobby we now have more photos of Masterpiece Arcee, Tigatron and an unexpected new atmos variant on MP-10! Some fans may recall that around this time last year atmos teamed up with Takara Tomy to release a Lebron James MP10 variant. This year there is another featuring a camo design.

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Twitter user @redeyeTF has posted images of the "Studio Series" Constructicon display at Wonderfest 2020. Not only does this display contain the Constructicons released thus far, it also shows the last two Constructicons needed to form Devastator: Scrapper and Overload! Even cooler? We finally get an official look at Devastator combined in all his glory! I have mirrored a couple of @redeyeTF's images in this post and embedded the original Tweet below. All image credits go to @redeyeTF.

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The Siege is over and Earthrise has begun! Check out my first "Earthrise" review - a new take on the G1 Ironworks base featuring a robot mode and even a "hidden" mode. Check out my review and gallery of this fun, new figure!

IDW Publishing has announced a crossover that has been a long time coming: My Little Pony and Transformers! Check out the press release and cover images below:

Two Beloved Hasbro Brands Unite in MY LITTLE PONY / TRANSFORMERS Comic Book

A May 2020 Four-Week Crossover Event!

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Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong!

Learn more about Dinobot and Dinobot II and see what they’ll look like in-game below!

Dirty Politics

Take part in this weekend’s event to win:

- Up to 750 5-Star Shards
- Up to 75 Old School Crystals each containing equal chances to drop 5, 4 or 3-Star Shards!
- Up to 150,000 Spark
- Up to 7,500 Premium Crystal Shards
- And SUPER XP per Battle

Event Type: Alliance Totaliser
Start Date: 07/02/2020 10:00 UTC
End Date: 10/02/2020 10:00 UTC
Bot Experience: SUPER XP
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Whether Megatron is riding high or down on his luck, Soundwave is loyal to him. When he needs some more sneaky work done, he deploys his minion, Laserbeak! Check out my review and gallery of this new release.

The Official Transformers Trading Card Game Facebook Page has posted images of upcoming cards from the in-store play kit! These are promotional cards that stores can carry as part of a launch party.

The cards revealed are Arcana (listed as a Decepticon due to Teslor being Brainstorm's head already) and three cards that "combine" to form Tidal Wave! Even better, the artwork is all brand new.

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